Recent/Current Projects

Large Scale PharmaATEX Verification of new Hydrogenation plant.
ATEX Verification of major API plant expansion.
Review and installation of emergency stop systems to process equipment - centrifuges, dryers, mills etc.
Review and classification of Process Safety Interlocks
Development of Engineering Standards for design and testing of Process Interlocks
Small Scale PharmaATEX Verification of New Processing Suite.
Retrospective verification of Intrinsically Safe installations.
Risk Assessment and SIL determination for Process safety interlocks.
Retrospective verification of existing SIL interlocks.
Medical DevicesReview and classification of legacy Process Safety Interlocks. Development of interlock testing systems.
Food & BeverageArea Classification and ATEX supervision of front end design for large scale production plant.
Alcoholic BeverageATEX/DSEAR verification of modifications to existing plants.
Design supervision and verification for upgrade to powder handling and storage facilities.
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ATEX Verification

Ger Hennessy C.Eng
30 yrs Electrical Engineer
in the Process Industry

ATEX Verification

Functional Safety