Functional Safety Lifecycle

IEC 61508 specifies 16 stages to the lifecycle while IEC 61511 talks about 10 phases over 3 stages –

  • Pre-Design – Identify hazards and set SIL Level
  • Design and Installation
  • Operation & maintenance

Veritex can assist with all phases of the Safety Lifecycle from the Hazop right through to setting up test and maintenance regimes for existing and new interlocks.

The  VERITEX  Safety LifeCycle


Why do I need Veritex to help with SIL Assessment and Verification of the safety system design ?

Consider this –

The UK HSE publication ‘Out of Control’ includes interesting statistics on control system failure by Lifecycle phase based on an analysis of 34 known incidents.



The surprising result is that 60% of control system failures are attributable to Specification & Design, indicating the importance of this part of the lifecycle.




The next most significant cause is Modifications after Commissioning, indicating the importance of ensuring compliance with IEC61511 throughout the life of the plant,  long after the initial project has been completed.



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