ATEX Inspection, Audit & Verification / DSEAR Compliance / SIL Assessment

EXPERTS  We are specialist ATEX Auditors and Engineers, experts in the area of Electrical Installations in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. We cover all industries in Ireland – North and South

COMPETENT , independent expert advice and assistance on all ATEX and Functional Safety issues.
CERTIFIED SIRA (UK) and TÜV Rheinland certification.
LICENCED IECEx Certified Auditor to verify compliance with DSEAR / Irish Legislation requirements.
INSURED   Full Professional Indemnity  & Public Liability Insurances for all our activities.

  • ATEX/DSEAR Audit and Risk Assessments
  • ATEX Inspections of electrical installations. Retrospective verification of existing installations.
  • ATEX Advice and Awareness Training for Engineers, Technicians and Production personnel
  • ATEX Compliance Review of Existing Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Equipment
  • ATEX Verification, Documentation and Sign-off of New Installations
  • ATEX Risk Assessments of Legacy Equipment
  • ATEX Documentation Preparation of Explosion Protection Document, Installation Verification Dossier and Descriptive System Documents
  • SIL Risk Assessments & Verification for new or existing interlocks
  • Layer of Protection Analysis for SIL determination
  • Critical Interlock Design for process safety critical interlocks
  • Critical Interlocks Review of existing safety interlocks on processes and equipment
  • Interlock Testing Preparation of Critical Interlock lists and testing regimes

PROJECT SERVICES For Engineers / Consultants / Systems Integrators / Contractors
Tackle ATEX projects with confidence with  assistance from Veritex
      • Specialist expertise to boost your in-house ATEX knowledge, assuring the client of full ATEX/DSEAR compliance
      • Assistance from the early stage of the project, through design, equipment selection, installation, inspection, verification and handover.
      • Review and approval of electrical designs and loop diagrams.
      • Review and approval of purchase specifications for ATEX equipment and instrumentation.
      • Preparation of the Descriptive System Documents for Intrinsically Safe Systems.
      • Preparation of SIL verification reports for ATEX related interlocks.
      • Provision of all documentation, field inspection reports etc.
      • Preparation of ATEX Verification Dossier  for client handover.

Other project related services include –

      • Attend Hazop, providing Functional Safety input
      • Interpret Hazop recommendations for implementation
      • Provide P&ID input
      • Ensure effectiveness of Functional Safety systems
      • Assist with SIL Assessments
      • Carry out SIL Verification of final design

TÜV Certified
Functional Safety Engineer


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ATEX Verification

Ger Hennessy C.Eng
30 yrs Electrical Engineer
in the Process Industry

ATEX Verification

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